--to_file [FILENAME]


Creates a text file to be used when calling the fromFile() method in FeatureGetter or OutcomeGetter. See also: --from_file

Argument and Default Value

Default output file name is initFile.txt


Takes the values of the flags from the given fwInterface call and creates a text file containing the parameter and it's value. If parameter is equal to the default set in fwConstants then the value is omitted.

Below is a list of variables that can be written to a file:
[constants] corpdb = corptable = correl_field = mysql_host = message_field = messageid_field = date_field = lexicondb = feattable = featnames = featlabelmaptable = featlabelmaplex = lextable = wordTable = outcometable = outcomefields = outcomecontrols = outcomeinteraction = groupfreqthresh = outputname = p_correction_method = tagcloudcolorscheme = maxP = encoding =

Note: when using an init file outside of fwInterface, i.e., when using the classes explicitly, most of these values will be ignored.

Other Switches

Example Commands