Adds the outcomes themselves to the list of variables to correlate with the outcomes.

Argument and Default Value

None, default is false.


When doing correlation analysis (DLA) using --rmatrix, --correlate or --tagcloud, this appends the outcomes to the list of features to be correlated with the outcomes.

This means that the output (rmatrix or other) will have extra lines prefixed with outcome_.

Other Switches

Required Switches: -d, -c, -t, -f, --outcome_table, --outcomes Optional Switches: anything from --correlate Example Commands ================ .. code:doc:fwflag_block:: python

# Correlates LIWC lexical features with age and gender for every user in masterstats_andy_r10k # Also will correlate age and gender over those same users. ~/fwInterface.py -d fb20 -t messages_en -c user_id --outcome_table masterstats_andy_r10k --outcomes age gender --outcome_with_outcome -f 'feat$cat_LIWC2007$messages_en$user_id$16to16' --correlate